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Our core set of waterproofing products form a reinforcing system for external and internal applications such as trafficable concrete roofs, decks, swimming pools, retaining walls, floors, wet areas, car parks and basements. These are all water based, UV stable and easy to apply seamless waterproof coatings suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces.

All the pools we do are waterproofed using UV stable and easy to apply seamless waterproofing coatings suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces

Our mainline products are:

  • Hydro Seal waterproof coating especially engineered for extreme weather conditions, also available in a non-slip version where more traction is required
  • Clear polymer based coating that creates a protective film over most porous surfaces, sealing it and binding it together in a homogenous structure
  • A long lasting flexible, non-flammable coating for any roof material to protect from rust and water damage and prolong the life of the roof
  • Anti-bacterial wall and floor coating with antimicrobial agents that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria
  • Two-part puncture resistant system for exteriors such as concrete roofs, retaining walls, underground water tanks and basements
  • Two-part wet and dry mix trowel-on screed ideal for factory floors, automotive show rooms and heavy traffic lobbies. Reinforced with non-slip and clear coat.

All the pool we do are waterproofed using Tal system of products. Boyama РBuilding Materials